Die Übersetzung von "jet" - Englisch-Spanisch-Wörterbuch


noun /dʒet/

a sudden, strong stream or flow (of liquid, gas, flame or steam), forced through a narrow opening

Firemen have to be trained to direct the jets from their hoses accurately.

a narrow opening in an apparatus through which a jet comes

This gas jet is blocked.

an aeroplane/airplane driven by jet propulsion

avión a reacción, reactor
We flew by jet to America.
jet engine noun

an engine that drives an aircraft forwards by power from a jet of hot gases.

motor a reacción
jet lag noun

symptoms such as tiredness and lack of concentration caused by flying a long distance in a short period of time

We were all suffering from jet lag after the flight from Sydney.
jet-propelled adjective

driven by jet propulsion

propulsado a reacción
jet-propelled racing-cars.
jet propulsion noun

a method of producing very fast forward motion (for aircraft, missiles etc ) by sucking air or liquid etc into a jet engine and forcing it out from behind

de propulsión a chorro
The missiles are powered by jet propulsion.

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