Übersetzung von “labour” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun [ no plural ] UK US labor uk /ˈleɪ·bər/ us /ˈleɪ·bər/

work that you do with your hands and body

Does that price include the cost of labour?

people who work

mano de obra
cheap labour

the process of giving birth to a baby

verb UK formal US labor uk /ˈleɪ·bər/ us /ˈleɪ·bər/

to work hard

trabajar duro
He laboured night and day to get the house finished on time.


noun uk /ˈleɪ.bər/ us /ˈleɪ.bɚ/

the Labour Party, the political party in Great Britain that believes in social equality, a more equal sharing out of wealth, and the rights of workers the political party in Britain that believes in social equality, a more equal sharing out of wealth, and the rights of workers

el Partido Laborista del Reino Unido
Labour are sure to get in at the next election.
I voted Labour in the last election.

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hard work

The building of the cathedral involved considerable labour/labor over two centuries
People engaged in manual labour/labor are often badly paid.

workmen on a job

obreros, mano de obra
The firm is having difficulty hiring labour/labor.

(in a pregnant woman etc) the process of childbirth

parto, dolores de parto
She was in labour/labor for several hours before the baby was born.

used (with capital) as a name for the Socialist party in the United Kingdom.

Partido Laborista
laborious /ləˈboːriəs/ adjective

difficult; requiring hard work

Moving house is always a laborious process.
laboriously adverb

con gran dificultad
I laboriously checked each envelope to make sure they all contained the correct documents.
laboriousness noun

labourer noun ( laborer)

a workman who is employed to do heavy work requiring little skill

jornalero, trabajador
the labourers/laborers on a building/construction site.
labour court noun ( labor court)

(legal) a court of law for settling disputes between management and workers.

tribunal laboral
labour dispute noun ( labor dispute)

a disagreement between management and workers about working conditions, pay etc

conflicto laboral
The labour/labor dispute between the two parties has been amicably resolved.
labour-saving adjective ( labor-saving)

intended to lessen work

que ahorra trabajo
washing-machines and other labour-saving/labor-saving devices.

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