Übersetzung von “land” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /lænd/ us /lænd/

B1 [ no plural ] an area of ground

tierra, suelo

[ no plural ] the surface of the earth that is not sea

We travelled over land and sea.

literary a country

a land of ice and snow
verb uk /lænd/ us /lænd/

B1 When a plane lands, it arrives on the ground after flying.

We should land in Madrid at 7 a.m.
land in, on, etc. something

If an object or person lands somewhere, he, she, or it falls to the ground there.

caer en, sobre, etc. algo
She landed flat on her back.

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noun /lӕnd/

the solid part of the surface of the Earth which is covered by the sea

We had been at sea a week before we saw land.

a country

foreign lands.

the ground or soil

terreno, tierras
He never made any money at farming as his land was poor and stony.

an estate

He owns land/lands in Scotland.
landing noun

(an act of) coming or bringing to shore or to ground

aterrizaje, desembarque, desembarco
an emergency landing
(also adjective) a landing place.

a place for coming ashore

The boat passengers disembarked at the landing.

the level part of a staircase between flights of steps

descansillo, rellano
Her room was on the first floor, across the landing from mine.
landing gear noun

the parts of an aircraft that carry the load when it lands

tren de aterrizaje
The accident was caused by the failure of the plane’s landing-gear.
landing stage noun

a platform, fixed or floating, on which to land passengers or goods from a boat.

landlocked adjective

enclosed by land

cercado de tierra, interior
Paraguay is a landlocked country
That area is completely landlocked.
landlord noun (feminine landlady, plural landladies)

a person who has tenants or lodgers

dueño, propietario; dueña, propietaria
My landlady has just put up my rent.

(British) a person who keeps a public house

patrón, patrona
The landlord of ’The Swan’ is Mr Roberts.
landmark noun

an object on land that serves as a guide to seamen or others

marca, señal, punto de referencia
The church tower is a landmark for sailors because it stands on the top of a cliff.

an event of great importance

The discovery of noble gases was an important landmark in the history of chemistry.
landmine noun

a mine laid on or near the surface of the ground, which is set off by something passing over it.

mina terrestre
landowner noun

a person who owns land, especially a lot of land.

Landrover® /-rouvə/ noun

a type of strong motor vehicle used for driving over rough ground.

landslide noun

a piece of land that falls down from the side of a hill

Some houses were buried in the landslide.
landslide (victory) noun

a clear victory in an election

triunfo aplastante; goleada
landslide defeat noun

a clear defeat in an election

derrota aplastante
The National Party suffered a landslide defeat in the general election.
land up phrasal verb

to get into a particular, usually unfortunate, situation, especially through one’s own fault

He landed up in prison after stealing from his boss.
land with phrasal verb

to burden (someone) with (an unpleasant task)

She was landed with the job of telling him the bad news.
see how the land lies

to take a good look at the circumstances before making a decision

mirar de qué lado sopla el viento
We don’t have to decide today – in fact, it might be better to wait and see how the land lies.

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