Übersetzung von “live” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /lɪv/ us /lɪv/ present participle living, past tense and past participle lived

A1 to have your home somewhere

They live in York.
Where do you live?

B1 to be alive

I hope I live to see my grandchildren.

B1 to spend your life in a particular way

He lives a solitary life.
My grandmother lives alone.


adjective uk /laɪv/ us /lɑɪv/

B1 A live performance is done with people watching or listening.

en directo
a live concert
live music

having life

Millions of live animals are moved around the world each year.

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verb /liv/

to have life; to be alive

a threat to virtually everything that lives on the planet.

to survive

The doctors say he is very ill, but they think he will live.
It was difficult to believe that she had lived through such an experience.

to have one’s home or dwelling (in a particular place)

She lives next to the church.
They went to live in Bristol / in a huge house.

to pass (one’s life)

He lived a life of luxury.
She lives in fear of being attacked.

(with by) to make enough money etc to feed and house oneself

vivir de
He lives by fishing.

having (a certain type of) life

de vida…
living adjective

having life; being alive

a living creature
The aim of the project was to discover if there was anything living on Mars.

now alive

Many consider him to be the greatest living artist.
living room noun

the room of a house etc in which the occupants of the house usually sit during their leisure time.

sala de estar
live-in adjective

living in the same place with a sexual partner without being married to him/her

pareja de hecho
a live-in partner/boyfriend.
live and let live

to tolerate other people’s actions and expect them to tolerate one’s own.

vive y deja vivir
live down phrasal verb

to live through the shame of (a foolish act etc) till it is forgotten

lograr que se olvide
It would be a long time until he could live down such an embarrassing incident.
live in/out phrasal verb

to have one’s home at, away from, the place where one works

estar internado/no estar internado
All the hotel staff live in
The nurse chose to live out.
live on phrasal verb

to keep oneself alive by eating

He lives on fish and potatoes.

to be supported (financially) by

vivir con
He lives on $40 a week.
live up to phrasal verb

to behave in a manner worthy of

cumplir con
He found it difficult to live up to his reputation as a hero.
(with)in living memory

within a period recent enough to be remembered by someone still alive

hasta donde la memoria alcanza
It was the worst harvest in living memory.

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