Übersetzung von “live” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective /laiv/

having life; not dead

a live mouse.

(of a radio or television broadcast etc) heard or seen as the event takes place; not recorded

en directo
I watched a live performance of my favourite opera on television
Was the performance live or recorded?

full of energy, and capable of becoming active

activo, vivo
a live bomb


a live coal.
lively adjective (comparative livelier, superlative liveliest)

active; full of life, high spirits or movement

alegre, vivo, lleno de vida
She took a lively interest in us
The music is bright and lively.
liveliness noun

Her liveliness certainly brightened up the occasion.
livestock noun

domestic animals, especially horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs.

live wire noun

a wire charged with electricity.

cable de alta tensión

a person who is full of energy and enthusiasm

puro nervio
He is very quiet, but his sister is a real live wire.

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