Übersetzung von “loose” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /luːs/ us /lus/

B1 Loose clothes are large and not tight.

a loose dress

not firmly attached

suelto, flojo
One of my buttons is loose.

An animal that is loose is free to move around.

Two lions escaped and are still loose.
be at a loose end

to have nothing to do

no tener nada que hacer
Come and visit us if you’re at a loose end over the weekend.

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adjective /luːs/

not tight; not firmly stretched

a loose coat
This belt is loose.

not firmly fixed

descosido, flojo, suelto
This button is loose.

not tied; free

suelto, desatado
The horses are loose in the field.

not packed; not in a packet

suelto, a granel
loose biscuits.
loosely adverb

Her hair hung loosley over her shoulders.
looseness noun

soltura, holgura
loosen verb

to make or become loose

She loosened the string
The screw had loosened and fallen out.

to relax (eg a hold)

He loosened his grip.
loose-leaf adjective

(of a notebook etc) made so that pages can easily be added or removed.

de hojas sueltas
break loose

to escape

The prisoner broke loose.
let loose

to free from control

The circus trainer has let the lions loose.
a loose (not lose) screw.

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