Übersetzung von “mad” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /mæd/ /mæd/ comparative madder, superlative maddest

A2 angry

Were your parents mad at you when you came home late?

B1 mainly UK US usually crazy mentally ill

I think I’m going mad.

B1 mainly UK informal US usually crazy stupid

You are mad to walk home alone at night.

A2 mainly US angry

Were your parents mad at you when you came home late?
be mad about someone/something mainly UK informal US usually be crazy about someone/something

B1 to love someone or something

estar loco por alguien/ser un apasionado de algo
Ali is mad about skiing.
go mad UK informal

to become very angry

ponerse furioso
Dad will go mad when he finds out you took the car.
like mad informal

If you run, work, etc. like mad, you do it very quickly.

como loco
(as) mad as a hatter/March hare

extremely silly or stupid

como una cabra

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adjective /mӕd/ (comparative madder, superlative maddest)

mentally disturbed or insane

Ophelia went mad
You must be mad.

(sometimes with ator with) very angry

She was mad at me for losing my keys.

(with about) having a great liking or desire for

loco (por)
I’m just mad about Harry.
madly adverb

He’s madly in love with her.
madness noun

The whole idea is complete madness!
madden verb

to make mad or very angry

enloquecer, enfurecer
The animal was maddened by the pain.
maddening adjective

likely to cause anger

maddening delays.
maddeningly adverb

She is maddeningly unreliable.
madman noun (feminine madwoman, plural madmen, madwomen)

a person who is insane

loco; loca
He drove/fought like a madman.
mad cow disease noun

(medical) a fatal disease of cattle, which can affect also humans who eat meat from infected cattle

enfermedad de las vacas locas
an outbreak of mad cow disease.
like mad

wildly, desperately, very quickly etc

como un loco
She was struggling/trying/running like mad.

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