Übersetzung von “matter” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈmæt·ər/ us /ˈmæt̬·ər/

a subject or situation that you need to think about or do something about

Could I talk to you about a personal matter?
This is a matter of some importance.

[ no plural ] In science, matter is the physical substances that exist in the universe.

what’s the matter?

A2 used to ask about the reason for a problem

¿qué pasa?
What’s the matter with your leg?
no matter how, what, when, etc.

used to say that something cannot be changed

da igual cómo, qué, cuándo, etc.
I never manage to lose any weight, no matter how hard I try.
as a matter of fact

used to say that something is true, especially when it is surprising

de hecho
As a matter of fact, I used to live near him.
to make matters worse

used to say that something makes a situation more difficult, unpleasant, etc.

para colmo
To make matters worse, our car broke down!
a matter of life and/or death

a serious situation where people could die

un asunto de vida o muerte
Getting water to these people is a matter of life and death.
verb uk /ˈmæt·ər/ us /ˈmæt̬·ər/

A2 to be important

We were late, but it didn’t seem to matter.
It doesn’t matter to me whether he comes or not.

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noun /ˈmӕtə/

solids, liquids and/or gases in any form, from which everything physical is made

materia, sustancia
The entire universe is made up of different kinds of matter.

a subject or topic (of discussion etc)

asunto, cuestión
a private matter
money matters.


The wound was infected and full of matter.
matter-of-fact adjective

keeping to the actual facts; not fanciful, emotional or imaginative

práctico, realista
a matter-of-fact statement/opinion/attitude
The account is written in a calm matter-of-fact style.
be the matter (often with with)

to be the/a trouble, difficulty or thing that is wrong

ser el problema
Is anything the matter?
What’s the matter with you?
a matter of course noun

something that one expects to happen, be done etc

por costumbre
You don’t have to ask her – she’ll do it as a matter of course.
a matter of opinion noun

something about which different people have different opinions or views

cuestión de opinión
Whether she’s clever or not is a matter of opinion.
no matter

it is not important

no importa
’He’s not here.’ ’No matter, I’ll see him later.’
no matter who/what/where etc

whoever, whatever, wherever etc

pase lo que pase, sea lo que sea
No matter what happens, I’ll go.

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