Übersetzung von “mean” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /miːn/ us /min/ past tense and past participle meant

A2 to have a particular meaning

What does this word mean?
The green light means go.
I mean

A2 something that you say in order to correct yourself

quiero decir
We went there in May – I mean June.
mean to do something

B1 to want to do something

tener la intención de hacer algo, querer hacer algo
I didn’t mean to hurt her.
be meaning to do something

B1 to be planning to do something

tener la intención de hacer algo
I’ve been meaning to call you for weeks.

B1 to have a particular result

significar, dar lugar a
These changes will mean better healthcare for everyone.

B1 to intend to express a fact or opinion

querer decir
I didn’t mean that as a criticism.
What exactly do you mean byold-fashioned’?

B1 to have an important emotional effect on someone

It wasn’t a valuable picture but it meant a lot to me.
adjective uk /miːn/ us /min/

not kind

My sister was being mean to me.

UK A mean person does not like spending money, especially on other people.

tacaño, avaro
He’s too mean to buy her a ring.

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adjective /miːn/

not generous (with money etc)

mezquino, tacaño, agarrado
He’s very mean (with his money / over pay).

likely or intending to cause harm or annoyance

mezquino, malo
It is mean to tell lies.

(especially American) bad-tempered, vicious or cruel

malo, malhumorado
a mean mood.

(of a house etc) of poor quality; humble

humilde, pobre
a mean dwelling.
meanly adverb

de forma mezquina
She meanly tricked him out of the money.
meanness noun

tacañería, mezquinidad
meanie noun ( meany)

(slang) a mean, bad and selfish person

mala persona
Don’t be such a meanie!

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