Die Übersetzung von "mean" - Englisch-Spanisch-Wörterbuch


verb /miːn/ (past tense, past participle meant /ment/)

to (intend to) express, show or indicate

querer decir
’Bleu’ meansblue’ in French
What do you mean by (saying/doing) that?

to intend

tener la intención, tener pensado
I meant to go to the exhibition but forgot
For whom was that letter meant?
He means (= is determined) to be a rich man some day.
meaning noun

the sense in which a statement, action, word etc is (intended to be) understood

sentido, significado
What is the meaning of this phrase?
What is the meaning of his behaviour?
meaningful adjective

(often used loosely) important in some way

a meaningful statement/relationship.
meaningless adjective

without meaning or reason; of no importance

sin sentido
meaningless chatter.
be meant to

to be required or supposed; to have to

suponer, deber, tener que
The child is meant to be asleep!
mean well

to have good intentions

tener buenas intenciones
He meant well by what he said.

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