Übersetzung von “measure” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ˈmeʒ·ər/ us /ˈmeʒ·ər/ present participle measuring, past tense and past participle measured

to find the size, weight, amount, or speed of something

I’ve measured all the windows.

to be a certain size

The whale measured around 60 feet in length.
noun uk /ˈmeʒ·ər/ us /ˈmeʒ·ər/

something that is done so that a bad situation is stopped

We must take measures to stop the spread of the disease.
security measures

a way of measuring something

The metre is a measure of length.
The basic units of measure we use are distance, time, and mass.
weights and measures

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noun /ˈmeʒə/

an instrument for finding the size, amount etc of something

a glass measure for liquids
a tape measure.

a unit

The metre is a measure of length.

a system of measuring

dry/liquid/square measure.

a plan of action or something done

We must take (= use, or put into action) certain measures to stop the increase in crime.

a certain amount

grado, cantidad
I have a measure of sympathy for her – after all, she’s very young and inexperienced.

(in music) the musical notes contained between two bar lines.

compás, ritmo
measurable noun

that is possible to measure

a measurable amount.

big enough to be noticed

There has been a measurable improvement in her work.
measurement noun

size, amount etc found by measuring

What are the measurements of this room?

the sizes of various parts of the body, usually the distance round the chest, waist and hips

What are your measurements, madam?

the act of measuring

We can find the size of something by means of measurement.
beyond measure

very great

I’m offering you riches beyond measure!
for good measure

as something extra or above the minimum necessary

para que no falte
The shopkeeper weighed out the sweets and put in a few more for good measure.
full measure noun

(no less than) the correct amount

medida exacta
We must ensure that customers get full measure.
made to measure

(of clothing) made to fit the measurements of a particular person

hacer a la medida
Was your jacket made to measure?
(adjective (etc)) a made-to-measure suit.
measure out phrasal verb

to mark (off), weigh (out) a certain distance, amount

medir, pesar
He measured out a kilo of sugar.
measure up phrasal verb (often with to)

to reach a certain required standard

dar la talla, estar a la altura de
John’s performance doesn’t measure up (to the others).

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