Übersetzung von “method” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈmeθ·əd/ us /ˈmeθ·əd/

B1 a way of doing something, often one that involves a system or plan

What’s the best method of solving this problem?

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noun /ˈmeθəd/

the way in which one does something

método, forma
I don’t like his methods of training workers.

an orderly or fixed series of actions for doing something

sistema, orden, método
Follow the method set down in the instruction book.

good sense and a definite plan

método, técnica
Her work seems to lack method.
methodical /-ˈθo-/ adjective

(opposite unmethodical)

arranged or done in an orderly manner or according to a plan

metódico, ordenado
a methodical search.

(in the habit of) acting in a planned, orderly way

metódico, ordenado
a methodical person/nature.
methodically adverb

metódicamente, de manera metódica
He checked every part of the machine methodically.
methodology noun

the methods and principles that you use to carry out a particular activity or when studying a particular subject

language teaching methodology.
methodological adjective

methodological considerations.

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