Übersetzung von “migrate” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /maɪˈɡreɪt/ us /ˈmɑɪ·ɡreɪt/ present participle migrating, past tense and past participle migrated

When birds or animals migrate, they travel from one place to another at the same time each year.

Many birds migrate to Africa for the winter.

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verb /maiˈɡreit, (American) ˈmaiɡreit/

(of certain birds and animals) to travel from one region to another at certain times of the year

Many birds migrate in the early winter.

(of people) to change one’s home to another country or (regularly) from place to place

migrar, emigrar
The Gothic peoples who overwhelmed the Roman Empire migrated from the East.
migration noun

the annual migration of birds to the south.
migrant /(British and American) ˈmai-/ noun

a person, bird or animal that migrates or has migrated

emigrante; ave migratoria
The swallow is a summer migrant to Britain
(also adjective) migrant workers.
migratory /(British and American) ˈmaiɡrə-/ adjective

migratory patterns.

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