Übersetzung von “more” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


determiner, pronoun uk /mɔːr/ us /mɔr/

A1 something extra to what you have now

Is there any more soup?
Would anyone like some more food?

A1 a greater number or amount of people or things

There are a lot more people here today than there were yesterday.
He knows more about computers than I do.
more and more

an increasing number

cada vez más
More and more people are choosing not to get married.
adverb uk /mɔːr/ us /mɔr/
more beautiful, difficult, interesting, etc.

A1 used to show that someone or something has a greater amount of a quality than someone or something else

más bonito, difícil, interesante, etc.
It’s more expensive than the others.
She’s far more intelligent than her sister.

B1 used to show that something happens a greater number of times than before

We eat out a lot more than we used to.
more and more

more as time passes

cada vez más
It’s becoming more and more difficult to pass the exam.
more or less


más o menos
We’ve more or less finished work on the house.
the more the merrier

used to say an occasion will be more enjoyable if a lot of people are there

cuantos más mejor
‘Do you mind if I bring a couple of friends to your party?’ ‘Not at all – the more the merrier!’

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adjective /moː/ (comparative many, much)

a greater number or quantity of

I’ve got more money than he has.

an additional number or quantity of

We need some more milk.
moreover adverb

also; what is more important

I don’t like the idea, and moreover, I think it’s illegal.
any more

any longer; nowadays

He doesn’t go any more, but he used to go twice a week.
more and more


cada vez más
It was becoming more and more difficult to see in the fading light.
more or less

approximately or almost

más o menos
They’ve more or less finished the job
The distance is ten kilometres, more or less.
the more … the more/less

cuanto más … más/menos
The more I see her, the more/less I like her.
what is / what’s more


además, lo que es más
He came home after midnight, and what’s more, he was drunk.

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