Übersetzung von “net” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /net/ us /net/
the Net

A2 short form of the internet

forma abreviada de “the internet”: la red

B1 something made with many holes in it, for example for catching fish, or for sports

a fishing net
a basketball net

[ no plural ] material made of crossed threads with holes between them

tela de red
adjective UK also nett uk /net/ us /net/

A net amount of money has had costs such as tax taken away from it.

a net income/profit of 10,000 dollars

the Net

noun uk /ˈnet/ us /ˈnet/

A2 abbreviation for the internet

forma abreviada de “the internet”: la red
I found a really useful website about allergies on the Net.

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noun /net/

(any of various devices for catching creatures, eg fish, or for any of a number of other purposes, consisting of) a loose open material made of knotted string, thread, wire etc

red, malla
a fishing net
a hairnet
a tennis net
(also adjective) a net curtain.
netting noun

material made in the form of a net

malla, redes
wire netting.
netball noun

a team game in which a ball is thrown into a net hanging high up on a pole

baloncesto, básquet
She enjoys playing netball with her friends.
network noun

anything in the form of a net, ie with many lines crossing each other

A network of roads covered the countryside.

a widespread organization

a radio network
television networks.

(computing) a system of computers that can exchange messages and information

The Internet is a global computer network

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