Übersetzung von “note” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /nəʊt/ us /noʊt/

A1 a short letter

He left a note on her desk.

A2 also notes words that you write down to help you remember something

apunte, nota
She studied her notes before the exam.
Let me make a note of (= write) your phone number.

a single musical sound


B1 UK US bill a piece of paper money

a ten-pound note
verb uk /nəʊt/ us /noʊt/ present participle noting, past tense and past participle noted

B1 to notice something

notar, sentir
I noted her absence.

Phrasal Verb(s)

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noun /nəut/

a piece of writing to call attention to something

He left me a note about the meeting.

(in plural ) ideas for a speech, details from a lecture etc written down in short form

nota, anotación
The students took notes on the professor’s lecture.

a written or mental record

Have you kept a note of his name?

a short explanation

There is a note at the bottom of the page about that difficult word.

a short letter

She wrote a note to her friend.

(British ) a piece of paper used as money; bill(American)

a five-dollar note.

a musical sound

The song ended on a high note.

a written or printed symbol representing a musical note.


an impression or feeling

The conference ended on a note of hope.
notable adjective

worth taking notice of; important

notable, distinguido
There were several notable people at the meeting.
notability noun

notably adverb

in particular

Several people offered to help, notably Mrs Turner.

in a noticeable way

Her behaviour was notably different from usual.
noted adjective


famoso, célebre
a noted author
This town is noted for its cathedral.
notelet /-lit/ noun

(British ) a small piece of notepaper, often folded like a card and with a picture on it, used for short letters; note card (American)

notebook noun

a small book in which to write notes

cuaderno, libreta
The policewoman jotted something down in her notebook.
notecase noun

a case for bank-notes, carried in the pocket.

notepad noun

sheets of paper that are fastened together and used for writing notes on

cuaderno, bloc de notas
He wrote down the names in his notepad.
notepaper noun

paper for writing letters

papel para cartas
headed notepaper.
noteworthy adjective
noteworthiness noun

take note of

to notice and remember

prestar atención
He took note of the change in her appearance.

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