Übersetzung von “nothing” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


pronoun uk /ˈnʌθ·ɪŋ/ us /ˈnʌθ·ɪŋ/

A2 not anything

There was nothing in her suitcase.
He said he did nothing wrong.

B1 not something important or valuable

She was crying about nothing.
for nothing

without a successful result

para nada
I came all this way for nothing.
have nothing to do with someone/something

to not involve or affect someone or something

no tener nada que ver con alguien/algo
He made his own decision – I had nothing to do with it.
I wish he wouldn’t give advice on my marriage – it has nothing to do with him (= he should not interfere).
there’s nothing for it

used to emphasize you will have to do a particular thing to solve a problem

no queda más remedio
There’s nothing for it but to get some extra help.
there’s nothing to it

used to say something is very easy

está chupado
Windsurfing is easy – there’s nothing to it.

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pronoun /ˈnaθiŋ/

no thing; not anything

There was nothing in the cupboard
I have nothing new to say.
nothingness noun

the state of being nothing or of not existing; emptiness

nada, vacío
The cloud of smoke slowly disappeared into nothingness.
come to nothing

to fail

fracasar, venirse abajo
His plans came to nothing.
for nothing

free; without payment

I’ll do that job for you for nothing.

without result; in vain

en vano, en balde
I’ve been working on this book for six years, and all for nothing!
have nothing to do with

to avoid completely

After he came out of prison, many of his friends would have nothing to do with him.

(also be nothing to do with) to be something that a person ought not to be interested in

no tener nada que ver con
This letter has/is nothing to do with you.
make nothing of

not to understand

no entender nada
I can make nothing of this letter.
mean nothing to

not to be understandable to

no significar nada
These mathematical figures mean nothing to me.
next to nothing

almost nothing

casi nada
The child was wearing next to nothing.
nothing but

just; only

únicamente, sólo
The fellow’s nothing but a fool!
nothing doing!

an expression used to show a strong or emphatic refusal

ni hablar
’Would you like to go to the meeting instead of me?’ ’Nothing doing!’
there is nothing to it

it is easy

es facilísimo
You’ll soon learn how to do this job – there’s nothing to it!
think nothing of

not to consider difficult, unusual etc

tener en poco
My father thought nothing of walking 8 kilometres to school when he was a boy.
to say nothing of

as well as; and in addition

por no hablar de
When her mother comes to stay with us, she brings all her clothes with her, to say nothing of her three dogs.

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