Übersetzung von “pain” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /peɪn/ us /peɪn/

A2 a bad feeling in a part of your body when you are sick or hurt

stomach pains
Are you in pain?
I felt a sharp pain in my foot.

[ no plural ] sadness

I can’t describe the pain I suffered when he died.
be a pain (in the neck) informal

to be annoying

ser molesto
My brother can be a real pain in the neck sometimes.

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noun /pein/

hurt or suffering of the body or mind

a pain in the chest.
pained adjective

showing or expressing pain

dolido, afligido, apenado
She had a pained expression on her face.
painful adjective

causing pain

a painful injury.
painfully adverb

It was painfully obvious that she wasn’t interested in him.
painless adjective

without pain

sin dolor, indoloro
a painless injection.
painlessly adverb

sin causar dolor, sin complicaciones
painkiller noun

a drug etc which lessens or removes pain

The doctor prescribed her some painkillers.
painstaking /ˈpeinz-/ adjective

going to great trouble and taking great care

meticuloso, esmerado, concienzudo
It took a painstaking effort to add all the tiny details to the painting.
a pain in the neck noun

a person who is constantly annoying

pesado, pelmazo
People who are always complaining are a pain in the neck.
take pains

to take great trouble and care (to do something)

poner especial cuidado en, esmerarse, esforzarse en hacer algo
He took great pains to make sure we enjoyed ourselves.

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