Übersetzung von “piece” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /piːs/ us /pis/

A2 an amount of something, or a part of something

pedazo, trozo
a piece of paper
She cut the cake into eight pieces.

A2 one of a particular type of thing

unidad, pieza
a piece of equipment
It’s a beautiful piece of furniture.

B1 a single amount of a particular type of thing

I have an interesting piece of information for you.

something that has been created by an artist, musician, or writer

a beautiful piece of music
fall to pieces

to break into smaller parts

caerse a trozos
These shoes are falling to pieces.
be a piece of cake

informal to be very easy

ser pan comido
The exam was a piece of cake.
give someone a piece of your mind

to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong

cantar a alguien las cuarenta
If he does that again I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.

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noun /piːs/

a part of anything

trozo, pedazo
a piece of cake
He examined it carefully piece by piece (= each piece separately).

a single thing or example of something

pedazo (de papel); una (noticia)
a piece of paper
a piece of news.

a composition in music, writing (an article, short story etc ), drama, sculpture etc

He wrote a piece on social reform in the local newspaper.

a coin of a particular value

a five-pence piece.

in chess, draughts/checkers and other games, a small shape made of wood, metal, plastic etc that is moved according to the rules of the game.

piecemeal adverb

a little bit at a time; not as a whole

poco a poco
He did the work piecemeal.
go (all) to pieces

(of a person) to collapse physically or nervously

derrumbarse, venirse abajo
She went to pieces when her husband died.
in pieces

with its various parts not joined together

The bed is delivered in pieces and the customer has to put it together himself.


hecho pedazos/trizas/añicos
The vase was lying in pieces on the floor.
piece together phrasal verb

to put (the pieces of something) together

reconstruir, recomponer
They tried to piece together the fragments of the broken vase.
to pieces

into separate, usually small pieces, or into the various parts from which (something) is made

en pedazos
It was so old that it fell to pieces when I touched it.

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