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noun uk /ˈplɑː·stər/ us /ˈplæs·tər/

[ no plural ] a substance that is spread on walls in order to make them smooth


UK US bandage a thin piece of material that you stick to the skin to cover a small cut


UK also US/UK cast a hard, white substance that protects a broken bone while it repairs itself

My leg was in plaster for about six weeks.
verb uk /ˈplɑː·stər/ us /ˈplæs·tər/

to spread plaster on walls to make them smooth

enyesar, enlucir
Someone will come in tomorrow to plaster the wall.

to cover most of a surface with something

My boots were plastered with mud.
plastering noun [ no plural ] /ˈplɑː·stə·rɪŋ/ /ˈplæs·tər·ɪŋ/


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noun /ˈplaːstə/

(also adjective ) (of) a substance put on walls, ceilings etc which dries to form a hard smooth surface

revoque, enlucido
He mixed up some plaster to repair the wall
a plaster ceiling.

(also adjective ) (also plaster of Paris) (of) a similar quick-drying substance used for supporting broken limbs, making models etc

She’s got her arm in plaster
a plaster model.

(also sticking-plaster; Band-AidAmerican ) (a piece of) sticky tape (sometimes with a dressing) used to cover a wound etc

esparadrapo, tirita
You should put a plaster on that cut.
plasterer noun

a person whose job is to put plaster on walls, ceilings etc.

plastic /ˈplӕstik/ noun, adjective

(of) any of many chemically manufactured substances that can be moulded when still soft

This cup is made of plastic
a plastic cup.
plastic surgery noun

(medical ) surgery to repair or replace damaged skin, or to improve the appearance usually of the face (nounplastic surgeon)

cirugía plástica
She had to undergo plastic surgery after the accident.
plastic wrap noun

(American ) a thin transparent material that you use to cover food in order to keep it fresh; clingfilm(British)

Film Plástico

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