Übersetzung von “practical” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ˈpræk·tɪ·kəl/ us /ˈpræk·tɪ·kəl/

relating to real situations

They can offer practical help.

able to be done successfully

The plan is simply not practical.

Someone who is practical is good at planning things.

She has a lot of interesting ideas, but she’s not very practical.

good at repairing and making things

habilidoso, manitas

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adjective /ˈprӕktikəl/

concerned with the doing of something

practical difficulties
His knowledge is practical rather than theoretical.

(of a thing, idea etc) useful; effective

You must try to find a practical answer to the problem.

(of a person) able to do or deal with things well or efficiently

He can look after himself – he’s a very practical child.
practicality /ˈkӕ-/ noun

sentido práctico
The practicality of the proposal must be considered.
practically adverb


prácticamente, casi
The room was practically full.

in a practical way

en la práctica
Practically, it’s more difficult than you think.
practical joke noun

a usually irritating joke consisting of an action done to someone, rather than a story told

broma pesada
He nailed my chair to the floor as a practical joke.

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