Übersetzung von “prefer” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /prɪˈfɜːr/ us /prɪˈfɜr/ present participle preferring, past tense and past participle preferred

A2 to like someone or something more than another person or thing

I prefer dogs to cats.
She prefers watching tennis to playing.
would prefer

A2 used to say what you want or ask someone what they want

se usa para expresar una preferencia
I’d prefer to eat alone.
Would you prefer red or white wine?

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verb /priˈfəː/ (past tense, past participle preferred)

to like better

Which do you prefer – tea or coffee?
I prefer reading to watching television
She would prefer to come with you rather than stay here.
preferable /ˈpre-/ adjective

more desirable

Is it preferable to write or make a telephone call?
preferably adverb

You should call her – prefereably as soon as possible.
preference /ˈpre-/ noun

(a) choice of, or (a) liking for, one thing rather than another

He likes most music, but he has a preference for classical music.
I prefer apples to (not than) oranges. preferable, adjective, is spelt with -r-. preference, noun, is spelt with -r-. preferred and preferring are spelt with -rr-.

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