Übersetzung von “present” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb /priˈzent/

to give, especially formally or ceremonially

entregar, hacer entrega de
The child presented a bunch of flowers to the Queen
He was presented with a gold watch when he retired.

to introduce

presentar (a)
May I present my wife (to you)?

to arrange the production of (a play, film etc)

The Elizabethan Theatre Company presents ’Hamlet’, by William Shakespeare.

to offer (ideas etc ) for consideration, or (a problem etc) for solving

She presents (=expresses) her ideas very clearly
The situation presents a problem.

to bring (oneself); to appear

He presented himself at the dinner table half an hour late.
presenter noun

a radio/television presenter.
presentable adjective

suitable to be seen, introduced etc

You don’t look very presentable in those old clothes.
presentation /pre-/ noun

the act of presenting

the presentation of the prizes
the presentation of a new play
(also adjective) a presentation ceremony
a presentation gold watch.

the manner in which written work etc is presented or set out

Try to improve the presentation of your work.

a performance, or set of repeated performances, of a play, opera etc

This is the best presentation of ’Macbeth’ that I’ve ever seen.
present arms

to hold a rifle upright in front of one, as a salute

presentar armas
The drill sergeant ordered the soldiers to present arms.

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