Übersetzung von “progress” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈprəʊ·ɡres/ us /ˈprɑ·ɡrəs/

B1 development and improvement of skills, knowledge, etc.

progreso(s), desarrollo
technological progress
He has made good progress in Spanish this year.
in progress

happening or being done now

en marcha, en curso
Quiet pleaseexams in progress.

movement towards a place

progreso, avance
verb uk /prəˈɡres/ us /prəˈɡres/

to improve

progresar, avanzar
Technology has progressed rapidly in the last 100 years.

to continue gradually

progresar, seguir
I began to feel more relaxed as the evening progressed.

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noun /ˈprəuɡres, (American) ˈpro-/

movement forward; advance

the progress of civilization.


The students are making (good) progress.
progressive /-siv/ adjective

developing and advancing by stages

a progressive illness.

using, or favouring, new methods

progressive education
The new headmaster is very progressive.

(linguistics ) (also continuous) (of a verb tense or form) indicating an activity that is, was, or will be continuing at some period of time

The progressive form of a verb is be + verb-ing (= be + present participle) (eg is working, was waiting, have been dancing).
progressively adverb

Her health became progressively worse.
progressiveness noun

in progress

happening; taking place

en curso
There is a meeting in progress.

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