Übersetzung von “progress” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈprəʊ·ɡres/ us /ˈprɑ·ɡrəs/

B1 development and improvement of skills, knowledge, etc.

progreso(s), desarrollo
technological progress
He has made / good progress in Spanish this year.
in progress

happening or being done now

en marcha, en curso
Quiet pleaseexams in progress.

movement towards a place

progreso, avance
verb uk /prəˈɡres/ us /prəˈɡres/

to improve

progresar, avanzar
Technology has progressed rapidly in the last 100 years.

to continue gradually

progresar, seguir
I began to feel more relaxed as the evening progressed.

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noun /ˈprəuɡres, (American) ˈpro-/

movement forward; advance

the progress of civilization.


The students are making (good) progress.
progressive /-siv/ adjective

developing and advancing by stages

a progressive illness.

using, or favouring, new methods

progressive education
The new headmaster is very progressive.

(linguistics ) (also continuous) (of a verb tense or form) indicating an activity that is, was, or will be continuing at some period of time

The progressive form of a verb is be + verb-ing (= be + present participle) (eg is working, was waiting, have been dancing).
progressively adverb

Her health became progressively worse.
progressiveness noun

in progress

happening; taking place

en curso
There is a meeting in progress.

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