Übersetzung von “proportion” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /prəˈpɔː·ʃən/ us /prəˈpɔr·ʃən/

a part of a total number or amount

proporción, porcentaje
Children make up a large proportion of the world’s population.
blow/get something out of proportion

to behave as if something that has happened is much worse than it really is

exagerar algo

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noun /prəˈpoːʃən/

a part (of a total amount)

Only a small proportion of the class passed the exam.

the (correct) quantity, size, number etc (of one thing compared with that of another)

For this dish, the butter and flour should be in the proportion of three to four (=eg 300 grammes of butter with every 400 grammes of flour).
proportional adjective

proportionally adverb

proportionate /-nət/ adjective

being in correct proportion

proporcionado, proporcional
Are her wages really proportionate to the amount of work she does?
proportionately adverb

be/get etc in proportion (to)

to (cause to) have a correct relationship (to each other or something else)

ser/estar proporcionado
In drawing a person, it is difficult to get all the parts of the body in proportion.
be/get etc out of (all) proportion (to)

to (cause to) have an incorrect relationship (to each other or something else)

ser/estar desproporcionado
An elephant’s tail seems out of (all) proportion to the rest of its body.
in proportion to

in relation to; in comparison with

en proporción con
You spend far too much time on that work in proportion to its importance.

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