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verb uk /ˈkwɒl·ɪ·faɪ/ us /ˈkwɑ·ləˌfɑɪ/ present participle qualifying, past tense and past participle qualified

If you qualify for something, you are allowed to do it.

cumplir los requisitos
To qualify for the competition, you must be over 18.

to succeed in getting into a competition

Nigeria was the first team to qualify for the World Cup.

to pass the exams that allow you to do a particular job

obtener un título
She hopes to qualify as a lawyer.

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verb /ˈkwolifai/ (past tense, past participle qualified)

to cause to be or to become able or suitable for

capacitar, reunir las condiciones
A degree in English does not necessarily qualify you to teach the subject
She is too young to qualify for a place in the team.

(with as) to show that one is suitable for a profession or job etc, especially by passing a test or examination

obtener el título de
I hope to qualify as a doctor.

(with for) to allow, or be allowed, to take part in a competition etc, usually by reaching a satisfactory standard in an earlier test or competition

She failed to qualify for the long jump.

(linguistics) (of an adjective) to describe, or add to the meaning of

In ’red books’, the adjectivered’ qualifies the noun ’books’.
qualification /-fi-/ noun

(the act of gaining) a skill, achievement etc (eg an examination pass) that makes (a person) able or suitable to do a job etc

aptitud, capacidad
What qualifications do you need for this job?

something that gives a person the right to do something

diploma, título
She has the residential qualification to become a citizen.

a limitation to something one has said or written

reserva, salvedad
I think this is an excellent piece of work – with certain qualifications.
qualified adjective

(opposite unqualified) having the necessary qualification(s) to do (something)

cualificado, capacitado
a qualified engineer.
qualifying adjective

in which players, teams etc attempt to qualify for a competition etc

de clasificación
Our team was beaten in the qualifying round.

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