Übersetzung von “raise” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /reɪz/ us /reɪz/ present participle raising, past tense and past participle raised

B1 to lift something to a higher position

She raised her hand.

B1 to make an amount or level go up

They have raised taxes.

to look after a child until he or she has become an adult


to collect money from people in order to do a particular thing

They held a sale to raise money for charity.
raise a question, subject, etc.

to start talking about a subject that you want other people to consider

plantear una pregunta, sacar un tema, etc.
I’m going to raise the issue with Sally at the meeting.
raise your voice

to speak loudly and angrily to someone

levantar la voz

(Übersetzung von “raise” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)


verb /reiz/

to move or lift to a high(er) position

Raise your right hand
Raise the flag.

to make higher

subir, elevar
If you paint your flat, that will raise the value of it considerably
We’ll raise that wall about 20 centimetres.

to grow (crops) or breed (animals) for food

cultivar; criar
We don’t raise pigs on this farm.

to rear, bring up (a child)

She has raised a large family.

to state (a question, objection etc which one wishes to have discussed)

Has anyone in the audience any points they would like to raise?

to collect; to gather

recaudar; reunir
We’ll try to raise money
The revolutionaries managed to raise a small army.

to cause

His remarks raised a laugh.

to cause to rise or appear

The car raised a cloud of dust.

to build (a monument etc)

levantar, erigir
They’ve raised a statue of Robert Burns / in memory of Robert Burns.

to give (a shout etc)

There’s no need to raise your voice.

to make contact with by radio

comunicarse (con)
I can’t raise the mainland.
raise someone’s hopes

to make someone more hopeful than he was

dar esperanzas a alguien
His hopes were raised when he saw a letter from Sarah on the doormat.
raise hell/Cain/the roof etc

to make a great deal of noise

hacer un ruido de todos los demonios
The band really raised the roof and had everybody up on their feet dancing.
raise someone’s spirits

to make someone less unhappy

subir el ánimo, levantar la moral de alguien
I tried my best to remain cheerful so as to raise everybody’s spirits.

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