Übersetzung von “ramble” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈræmb·l/ us /ˈræm·bəl/

a long walk in the countryside

verb uk /ˈræm·bl/ us /ˈræm·bəl/

to walk for a long time, especially in the countryside

caminar por, entre, etc.
We rambled through fields and woods.

UK also ramble on to talk for a long time in a boring and often confused way

He rambled on for hours about his time in the army.

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verb /ˈrӕmbl/

to go for a long walk or walks, usually in the countryside, for pleasure

pasear por el campo; dar una caminata
They go rambling at the weekends.

to speak in an aimless or confused way

He tends to ramble a bit.
rambler noun

a climbing plant (usually a rose).


a person who goes walking in the country for pleasure.

rambling adjective

aimless and confused; not keeping to the topic

incoherente, confuso, inconexo
a long, rambling speech.

built (as if) without any plan, stretching in various directions

sin plan; laberíntico
a rambling old house.

(of plants, usually roses) climbing.

ramble on phrasal verb

to talk for a long time in an aimless or confused way

I’m not sure what he was rambling on about.

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