Übersetzung von “range” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /reɪndʒ/ us /reɪndʒ/

B1 a group of different things of the same general type

We discussed a wide range of subjects.

a line of hills or mountains

sierra, cordillera

the amount or number between a particular set of limits

The product is aimed at young people in the 18–25 age range.

[ no plural ] the distance from which things can be seen, heard, or reached

He was shot at close range (= from very near).

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noun /reindʒ/

a selection or variety

gama, variedad, surtido
a wide range of books for sale
He has a very wide range of interests.

the distance over which an object can be sent or thrown, sound can be heard etc

What is the range of this missile?
We are within range of / beyond the range of / out of range of their guns.

the amount between certain limits

escala; orden
I’m hoping for a salary within the range $30,000 to $34,000
the range of a person’s voice between his highest and lowest notes.

a row or series

cadena, cordillera
a mountain range.

in the United States, land, usually without fences, on which cattle etc can graze

dehesa, terreno de pasto
a cattle range.

a place where a person can practise shooting etc ; a rifle-range.

campo de tiro

a large kitchen stove with a flat top.

ranger noun

a person who looks after a forest or park

a park ranger.

(American ) a soldier who is a member of a specially trained force; commando

soldado de las tropas de asalto

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