Übersetzung von “respect” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /rɪˈspekt/ us /rɪˈspekt/

B1 [ no plural ] polite behaviour to someone, especially because the person is older or more important than you

You should show more respect for your parents.

B1 [ no plural ] a feeling of admiration that you have for someone because of the person’s knowledge, skill, or achievements

She’s an excellent teacher and I have the greatest respect for her.
in this respect/many respects

in a particular way, or in many ways

en este aspecto/muchos aspectos
The school has changed in many respects.
verb uk /rɪˈspekt/ us /rɪˈspekt/

B1 to admire someone because the person knows a lot or has done good things

I respect him for his honesty.

If you respect someone’s rights, customs, wishes, etc., you accept that the person is important.

The agreement will respect the rights of both countries.
respected adjective /rɪˈspek·tɪd/ /rɪˈspek·tɪd/

He’s a highly respected doctor.

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noun /rəˈspekt/

admiration; good opinion

He is held in great respect by everyone
He has no respect for politicians.

consideration; thoughtfulness; willingness to obey etc

He shows no respect for his parents.

a particular detail, feature etc

These two poems are similar in some respects.
respectable adjective

having a good reputation or character

a respectable family.

correct; acceptable

correcto, respetable, decente
respectable behaviour/behavior.

(of clothes) good enough or suitable to wear

adecuado; decente
You can’t go out in those torn trousers – they’re not respectable.

large, good etc enough; fairly large, good etc

decente; importante, considerable
75% is a respectable score.
respectably adverb

respetablemente; decentemente; considerablemente
You must be respectably dressed before you can enter the temple.
respectability noun

respectful adjective

having or showing respect

All customers must be treated in a respectful manner.
respectfully adverb

respectfulness noun

respecting preposition

about; concerning

en cuanto a, con relación a
Respecting your salary, we shall come to a decision later.
respective /-tiv/ adjective

belonging to etc each person or thing mentioned

Peter and George went to their respective homes.
respectively /-tiv-/ adverb

referring to each person or thing mentioned, in the order in which they are mentioned

Peter, James and John were first, second and third, respectively.
respects noun plural


saludos, recuerdos
He sends his respects to you.
pay one’s respects (to someone)

to visit (a person) as a sign of respect to him or her

presentar sus respetos a
We’ve come here to pay our respects to Great Aunt Nellie.
with respect to

about; concerning

con respecto a, en cuanto a
With respect to your request, we regret that we are unable to assist you in this matter.

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