Übersetzung von “rip” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /rɪp/ us /rɪp/ present participle ripping, past tense and past participle ripped

to tear something quickly and suddenly

rasgar, desgarrar
She ripped her dress getting off her bike.
He ripped open the parcel.

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /rɪp/ us /rɪp/

a hole in the shape of a line when cloth or paper has been torn

rasgadura, desgarrón


uk /ˌɑː.raɪˈpiː/ us /ˌɑːr.aɪˈpiː/

abbreviation for rest in peace

abreviatura de “rest in peace”: requiescat in pace, RIP

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verb /rip/ (past tense, past participle ripped)

to make or get a hole or tear in by pulling, tearing etc

rasgar, desgarrar
He ripped his shirt on a branch
His shirt ripped.

to pull (off, up etc) by breaking or tearing

The roof of the car was ripped off in the crash
to rip up floorboards
He ripped open the envelope.
rip off phrasal verb

(informal) to cheat someone by charging them too much money for something

That taxi driver completely ripped us off.

(informal) to steal something

Someone broke into the office and ripped off a couple of laptops.
rip-off noun

(informal) something that is more expensive than it should be

At £25 these socks are a complete rip-off.

(informal) a copy of something that is not as good as the original

The film is just a cheap rip-off of a James Bond film.

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