Übersetzung von “risk” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /rɪsk/ us /rɪsk/

the possibility of something bad happening

riesgo, peligro
the risk of heart disease
take a risk

to do something although something bad might happen because of it

at risk

being in a situation where something bad is likely to happen

en riesgo
All houses within 100 yards of the sea are at risk of flooding.
verb uk /rɪsk/ us /rɪsk/

If you risk something bad, you do something even though that bad thing might happen.

exponerse a
I’d like to help you, but I can’t risk losing my job.

to put something or yourself in danger

He risked his life to save me.

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noun /risk/

(a person, thing etc which causes or could cause) danger or possible loss or injury

He thinks we shouldn’t go ahead with the plan because of the risks involved / because of the risk of failure.
risky adverb (comparative riskier, superlative riskiest)

possibly causing or bringing loss, injury etc

Motor-racing is a risky business.
at (a person’s) own risk

with the person agreeing to accept any loss, damage etc involved

por su cuenta y riesgo
Cars may be parked here at their owner’s risk.
at risk

in danger; likely to suffer loss, injury etc

expuesto, en peligro
Heart disease can be avoided if people at risk take medical advice.
at the risk of

with the possibility of (loss, injury, trouble etc)

a riesgo de
He saved the little girl at the risk of his own life
At the risk of offending you, I must tell you that I disapprove of your behaviour.
run/take the risk (of)

to do something which involves a risk

correr el riesgo, arriesgarse
I took the risk of buying that jumper for you – I hope it fits
He didn’t want to run the risk of losing his money.
take risks / take a risk

to do something which might cause loss, injury etc

correr riesgos, arriesgarse
One cannot be successful in business unless one is willing to take risks.

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