Übersetzung von “rough” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /rʌf/ us /rʌf/

B1 A rough surface is not smooth.

áspero, rugoso
rough hands

B1 not completely accurate but close

aproximado, a grandes rasgos
Can you give me a rough idea of the cost?

dangerous or violent

peligroso, violento
Hockey can be a rough game.

If the sea or weather is rough, there is a lot of strong wind and sometimes rain.

The boat sank in rough seas.

difficult or unpleasant

difícil, desagradable
She’s having a rough time at work.
noun uk /rʌf/ us /rʌf/
the rough

in golf, an area of ground with long grass

el rough
My ball landed in the rough.

(Übersetzung von “rough” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /raf/

not smooth

Her skin felt rough.


a rough path.

harsh; unpleasant

duro; brusco
a rough voice
She’s had a rough time since her husband died.

noisy and violent

rudo; bruto; violento
rough behaviour.


turbulento; embravecido
The sea was rough
rough weather.

not complete or exact; approximate

aproximativo, esbozado
a rough drawing
a rough idea/estimate.
roughly adverb

ásperamente; rudamente; duramente
The older boys at school treated him very roughly.
roughness noun

aspereza; rudeza
roughage /-fidʒ/ noun

substances in food, eg bran or fibre/fiber, which help digestion.

alimentos ricos en fibra
roughen verb

to make or become rough

The sea roughened as the wind rose.
rough diamond noun

a person of fine character but rough manners.

diamante en bruto
rough-and-ready adjective

not carefully made or finished, but good enough

improvisado; rudimentario
a rough-and-ready meal.

(of people) friendly enough but without politeness etc.

campechano; tosco
rough-and-tumble noun

friendly fighting between children etc

pelea en broma, riña sin importancia
the rough-and-tumble of bike racing.
rough it

to live for a period of time without the comforts or conveniences of modern life

vivir sin comodidades
They roughed it in the jungle for two months.
rough out phrasal verb

to draw or explain roughly

I roughed out a diagram
He roughed out his plan.

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