Übersetzung von “round” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /raʊnd/

A2 in the shape of a circle or ball

a round table
round eyes
adverb, preposition uk /raʊnd/ also around

A2 to someone’s home

a casa
Wendy’s coming round this afternoon.

A2 on all sides of something

alrededor de
We sat round the table.

B1 in a circular movement

en círculo
This switch makes the wheels go round.

B1 from one place or person to another

de un sitio a otro/de una persona a otra
Could you pass these forms round, please?

B1 to the opposite direction

al otro lado
She looked round.

B1 to or in different parts of a place

por todas las partes de
He showed me round the flat.

near an area

cerca de
Do you live round here?
round and round

moving in a circle without stopping

dando vueltas
We drove round and round trying to find the hotel.
noun uk /raʊnd/
first, second, final, etc. round

the first, second, final, etc. stage in a competition

primera, segunda, última, etc. vuelta
He was beaten in the first round.

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adjective /raund/

shaped like a circle or globe

a round hole
a round stone
This plate isn’t quite round.

rather fat; plump

a round face.
rounded adjective

curved; like part of the line forming a circle

redondeado, curvado
a rounded arch.
rounders noun

a British ball game, similar to baseball, in which players hit a ball with a bat and then run around the four sides of a square.

Deporte Britanico similar al Beisbol
a game of rounders.
roundly adverb

plainly; rudely

He rebuked her roundly.
roundness noun

rounds noun plural

a doctor’s visits to his patients

The doctor is (out) on his rounds.
all-round adjective


total, absoluto
It was an all-round success.
all-rounder noun

a person who has a talent for several different kinds of work, sport etc, or who can play in any position in a game.

persona que hace de todo, persona versátil
roundabout noun

(British ) a circular piece of ground where several roads meet, and round which traffic must travel; traffic circle(American)

rotonda, glorieta

a revolving machine on which one can ride for pleasure; a merry-go-round.

round figures/numbers noun plural

the nearest convenient or easily remembered numbers

números redondos
Tell me the cost in round figures (ie $20 rather than $19.87).
round-shouldered adjective

with stooping shoulders

cargado de espaldas
a round-shouldered man.
round trip noun

a journey to a place and back again (round-trip ticket a ticket for such a journey).

viaje de ida y vuelta

a trip to several places and back, taking a circular route.

viaje de ida y vuelta
all round


alrededor (de)
There were people all round him.
round about


alrededor (de)
She sat with her children round about her.


en los alrededores
There are not many houses round about.


alrededor de, cerca de
There must have been round about a thousand people there.
round off phrasal verb

to make something smooth etc

He rounded off the sharp corners with a file.

to complete successfully

redondear, rematar
round on phrasal verb

to turn to face (a person) suddenly, especially angrily

volverse en contra (de)
The crowd suddenly rounded on him.
round up phrasal verb

to collect together

The farmer rounded up the sheep

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