Übersetzung von “rule” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ruːl/ us /rul/

B1 an official statement about what you must or must not do

regla, norma
You can’t smoke at work. It’s against the rules (= not allowed).

B1 a basic idea that explains how a system, such as a language or science, works

the rules of grammar

the usual way something is

I visit my parents once a week as a rule.
verb uk /ruːl/ us /rul/ present participle ruling, past tense and past participle ruled

to be in control of somewhere, usually a country

gobernar (en), reinar (en)
They were ruled for many years by a dictator.

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noun /ruːl/


The country was under foreign rule for nearly thirty years..

a regulation or order

regla, norma, reglamento
school rules.

what usually happens or is done; a general principle

He is an exception to the rule that fat people are usually happy.

a general standard that guides one’s actions

I make it a rule never to be late for appointments.

a marked strip of wood, metal etc for measuring

He measured the windows with a rule.
ruled adjective

having straight lines drawn across

(papel) pautado, rayado, a rayas
ruled paper.
ruler noun

a person who governs

gobernante, dirigente
the ruler of the state.

a long narrow piece of wood, plastic etc for drawing straight lines

I can’t draw straight lines without a ruler.
ruling adjective


gobernante, reinante, dirigente, en el poder
the ruling party.
as a rule


por norma/regla general, por lo general
I don’t go out in the evening as a rule.
rule off phrasal verb

to draw a line in order to separate

dividir/separar con una línea
He ruled off the rest of the page.
rule out phrasal verb

to leave out; not to consider

excluir, descartar
We mustn’t rule out the possibility of bad weather.

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