Übersetzung von “seal” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /siːl/ us /sil/

an animal with smooth fur that eats fish and lives near the sea


a thin piece of material such as paper or plastic that has to be broken to open a container, envelope, etc.


something fixed around the edge of an opening to prevent liquid or gas flowing through it

precinto, cierre
verb uk /siːl/ us /sil/

to close an entrance or container so that air or liquid cannot enter or leave it

sellar, precintar, cerrar herméticamente
She sealed the bottle.

to close a letter or parcel by sticking the edges together

Seal the package with tape.
He sealed the envelope and put a stamp on it.

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noun /siːl/

a piece of wax or other material bearing a design, attached to a document to show that it is genuine and legal.


a piece of wax etc used to seal a parcel etc.


(something that makes) a complete closure or covering

cierre hermético
Paint and varnish act as protective seals for woodwork.
sealing wax noun

a type of wax for sealing letters etc.

seal of approval noun

official approval

Doctors have now given this new drug their seal of approval.
seal off phrasal verb

to prevent all approach to, or exit from, (an area)

acordonar, cerrar el acceso (a)
The police have sealed off the area where the murdered girl was found.
set one’s seal to

to give one’s authority or agreement to

aprobar algo
He set his seal to the proposals for reforms.

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