Übersetzung von “send” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /send/ us /send/ past tense and past participle sent

A1 to arrange for something to go or be taken somewhere, especially by post

I sent him a letter last week.

to make someone go somewhere

I sent him into the house to fetch some glasses.

(Übersetzung von “send” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)


verb /send/ (past tense, past participle sent /sent/)

to cause or order to go or be taken

mandar, enviar
The teacher sent the disobedient boy to the headmaster
She sent me this book.

to move rapidly or with force

He sent the ball right into the goal.

to cause to go into a certain, usually bad, state

The news sent them into a panic.
sender noun

a person who sends eg a letter.

send away for phrasal verb

to order by post

pedir por correo
I’ve sent away for some things that I saw in the catalogue.
send down phrasal verb

(British, old-fashioned) to expel (a student) from a university

He was sent down for cheating in an exam.
send for phrasal verb

to ask to come, or order to be delivered

llamar, hacer llamar
Her son was sent for
I’ll send for a taxi.
send in phrasal verb

to offer or submit, eg for a competition

He sent in three drawings for the competition.
send off phrasal verb

to accompany (a person) to the place, or be at the place, where he will start a journey

ir a despedir
A great crowd gathered at the station to send the football team off (nounsend-off)
send off for phrasal verb

to send away for

pedir por correo
I sent off for that exercise DVD which was advertised on TV.
send out phrasal verb

to distribute eg by post

enviar, mandar
A notice has been sent out to all employees.

(eg of plants) to produce

This plant has sent out some new shoots.
send (someone) packing / send (someone) about his business

to send (a person) away firmly and without politeness

mandar a alguien a paseo, mandar a alguien a freír espárragos
He tried to borrow money from me again, but I soon sent him packing.

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