Die Übersetzung von "sentiment" - Englisch-Spanisch-Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈsen.tɪ.mənt/ us /-t̬ə-/

A formal a thought, opinion, or idea based on a feeling about a situation, or a way of thinking about something

sentimiento, opinión
Nationalist sentiment has increased in the area since the bombing.
I don’t think she shares my sentiments.
His son was overwhelmed by the sentiments of love and support in the cards and letters he received.
formal ‘It’s a very bad situation.’ ‘My sentiments exactly (= I completely agree).’

[ no plural ] often disapproving gentle feelings such as sympathy, love, etc., especially when considered to be silly or not suitable

The film is flawed by cloying sentiment.

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noun /ˈsentimənt/

tender feeling or emotion

a song full of patriotic sentiment.
sentimental /-ˈmen-/ adjective

(sometimes with about) having, showing or causing much tender feeling

a sentimental person
a sentimental film about a little boy and a donkey.

of the emotions or feelings

The ring has sentimental value, as my husband gave it to me.
sentimentally adverb

The story sentimentally describes a child’s daydreams.
sentimentality /-ˈtӕ-/ noun


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