Übersetzung von “series” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈsɪə·riːz/ us /ˈsɪər·iz/ plural series

B1 a group of television or radio programmes that have the same main characters or deal with the same subject

‘Friends’ is my favourite series.

many things or events of the same type that come one after the other

a series of lectures

a set of books published by the same company that deal with the same subject

colección de libros
They do a series on architecture throughout the ages.

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noun /ˈsiəriːz/ (plural series)

a number of usually similar things done, produced etc one after another

a series of brilliant scientific discoveries
Are you watching the television series on Britain’s castles?
a series of school textbooks.
serial /-riəl/ adjective

of or in a series

en serie, consecutivo
serial numbers on banknotes.

(of a story etc) published or broadcast in parts.

seriado, en capítulos
serial killer noun

a person who has murdered several people one after another.

asesino en serie
serialize /-riə-/ verb ( (also serialiseBritish))

to publish or broadcast as a serial

publicar/televisar por entregas
The novel is going to be serialized on TV in the summer.
serialization noun ( (also serialisationBritish))

publicación por entregas

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