Übersetzung von “serious” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ˈsɪə·ri·əs/ us /ˈsɪər·i·əs/

B1 A serious problem or situation is bad and makes people worry.

grave, serio
a serious accident/illness
This is a serious matter.

B1 thinking or speaking honestly about something and not joking

hablando en serio
Are you serious about changing your job?

B1 A serious person is quiet and does not laugh often.

a serious child

important and needing your complete attention

That’s an interesting job offer – I’m going to give it some serious consideration.

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adjective /ˈsiəriəs/

grave or solemn

a quiet, serious boy
You’re looking very serious.

(often with about) in earnest; sincere

Is he serious about wanting to be a doctor?

intended to make people think

He reads very serious books.

causing worry; dangerous

a serious head injury
The situation is becoming serious.
seriousness noun

the seriousness of the occasion.
seriously adverb

in a serious way; to a serious extent

en serio
Is he seriously thinking of being an actor?
She is seriously ill.
take (someone or something) seriously

to regard (a person or his statement etc) as in earnest

tomar en serio
You mustn’t take his jokes/promises seriously.

to regard (a matter) as a subject for concern or serious thought

tomar en serio
He refuses to take anything seriously.

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