Übersetzung von “sex” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /seks/ us /seks/

B1 [ no plural ] the physical activity that people do to produce a baby or for pleasure

to have sex

B1 the state of being male or female

Do you know what sex the baby is?

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noun /seks/

either of the two classes (male and female) into which human beings and animals are divided according to the part they play in producing children or young

Jeans are worn by people of both sexes
What sex is the puppy?

the fact of belonging to either of these two groups

discrimination on the grounds of sex
sexism noun

the unfair treatment of people, especially women, because of their gender

Sexism is still prevalent in many work environments.
sexist adjective

showing contempt for the other sex

a very sexist remark.
sexless adjective

neither male nor female.

asexual, asexuado
sexual /ˈsekʃuəl/ adjective

concerned with the production of young or children

the sexual organs.
sexuality /ˌseksjuˈæliti; American ˌsekʃuˈælitiː/ noun

sexual activities, thoughts, and feelings

male/female sexuality.
sexually adverb

sexy adjective (comparative sexier, superlative sexiest)

having sex appeal

a sexy girl.
sex appeal noun

the quality of being attractive to people of the other sex

atractivo sexual, sex-appeal
That actress has sex appeal.
sexual abuse noun

taking advantage of someone sexually in a cruel way.

abuso sexual
sexual harassment noun

touching someone or demanding to have sex with a person against her/his will, or making sexual remarks about a person

acoso sexual
He was charged with sexual harassment.
sexual intercourse noun

the sexual activity between a man and woman that is necessary for the producing of children.

relaciones sexuales
sexual reproduction noun

(biology) the production of new living organisms by the union of male and female gametes to form a zygote

Reprodución Sexual
the mechanisms of sexual reproduction in animals.

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