Übersetzung von “shake” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ʃeɪk/ us /ʃeɪk/ present participle shaking, past tense shook, past participle shaken

B1 to make quick, short movements from side to side or up and down, or to make something or someone do this

Shake the bottle.

If you are shaking, your body makes quick short movements because you are frightened or nervous.

temblar, estremecerse
He was shaking with nerves.
shake hands

B1 to hold someone’s hand and move it up and down when you meet them for the first time

estrechar(se) la mano
The two leaders smiled and shook hands.
He refused to shake hands with me.
shake your head

to move your head from side to side to mean ‘no’

negar con la cabeza

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verb /ʃeik/ (past tense shook /ʃuk/, past participle shaken)

to (cause to) tremble or move with jerks

agitar, (hacer) temblar
The explosion shook the building
We were shaking with laughter
Her voice shook as she told me the sad news.

to shock, disturb or weaken

He was shaken by the accident
My confidence in him has been shaken.
shaking noun

an act of shaking or state of being shaken, shocked etc

They got a shaking in the crash.
shaky adjective (comparative shakier, superlative shakiest)

weak or trembling with age, illness etc

a shaky voice
shaky handwriting.

unsteady or likely to collapse

cojo, inestable
a shaky chair.

(sometimes with at) not very good, accurate etc

He’s a bit shaky at arithmetic
My arithmetic has always been very shaky
I’d be grateful if you would correct my rather shaky spelling.
shakily adverb

con voz trémula
She walked shakily down the hall.
shakiness noun

shake-up noun

a disturbance or reorganization

The whole management could do with a good shake-up.
no great shakes

not very good or important

no ser gran cosa
He has written a book, but it’s no great shakes.
shake one’s fist at

to hold up one’s fist as though threatening to punch

amenazar a alguien con el puño
He shook his fist at me when I drove into the back of his car.
shake one’s head

to move one’s head round to left and right to mean ’No’

negar con la cabeza, decir que no con la cabeza
’Are you coming?’ I asked. She shook her head.
shake off phrasal verb

to rid oneself of

librarse de
He soon shook off the illness.
shake up phrasal verb

to disturb or rouse (people) so as to make them more energetic

The new manager has promised to really shake things up.

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