Übersetzung von “sharp” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ʃɑːp/ us /ʃɑrp/

B1 having a very thin edge or point that can cut things

a sharp knife
sharp teeth

sudden and very large

brusco, pronunciado, intenso
a sharp rise in house prices

quick to notice and understand things

a sharp mind
noun uk /ʃɑːp/ us /ʃɑrp/

a note that is slightly higher than the note that is shown

a symphony in C sharp minor

(Übersetzung von “sharp” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /ʃaːp/

having a thin edge that can cut or a point that can pierce

afilado, puntiagudo
a sharp knife.

(of pictures, outlines etc) clear and distinct

definido, nítido, marcado
the sharp outline of the mountain.

(of changes in direction) sudden and quick

brusco, repentino, súbito
a sharp left turn.

(of pain etc) keen, acute or intense

agudo, fuerte
He gets a sharp pain after eating.

(often with with) severe

Don’t be so sharp with the child!
She got a sharp reproach from me.


Dogs have sharp ears.

shrill and sudden

repentino, súbito
a sharp cry.

(of a musical note) raised a semitone; too high in pitch

F sharp
That last note was sharp.
sharpen verb

to make or grow sharp

afilar, sacar punta a
He sharpened his pencil.
sharpener noun

an instrument for sharpening

a pencil sharpener.
sharply adverb

in a sharp manner

bruscamente, repentinamente
a sharply-pointed piece of glass
The road turned sharply to the left
He rebuked her sharply.
sharpness noun

agudeza, brusquedad, nitidez, severidad
the sharpness of the knife.
sharp practice noun

dishonesty or cheating

mañas, tejemanejes, chanchullos
evidence of sharp practices in the letting industry.
sharp-witted adjective

intelligent and alert

perspicaz, vivo
a sharp-witted boy.
look sharp

to be quick or to hurry

¡date prisa!, ¡espabílate!
Bring me the books and look sharp (about it)!

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