Übersetzung von “shoot” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ʃuːt/ us /ʃut/ past tense and past participle shot

B1 to hurt or kill a person or animal by firing a bullet from a gun

disparar a, fusilar
He was shot dead in the incident.

B1 to fire a bullet from a gun

Don’t shoot!

B1 to try to score points in some sports by hitting, kicking, or throwing the ball towards the goal

lanzar, chutar
He shot from the middle of the field and managed to score.

to move somewhere very quickly

irse disparado
She shot out of the room.
noun uk /ʃuːt/ us /ʃut/

a new branch or stem growing on a plant

bamboo shoots

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verb /ʃuːt/ (past tense, past participle shot /ʃot/)

(often with at) to send or fire (bullets, arrows etc ) from a gun, bow etc

disparar, lanzar
The enemy were shooting at us
He shot an arrow through the air.

to hit or kill with a bullet, arrow etc

fusilar, matar de un tiro
He went out to shoot pigeons
He was sentenced to be shot at dawn.

to direct swiftly and suddenly

She shot them an angry glance.

to move swiftly

salir disparado
He shot out of the room
The pain shot up his leg
The force of the explosion shot him across the room.

to take (usually moving) photographs (for a film)

rodar, filmar
That film was shot in Spain
We will start shooting next week.

to kick or hit at a goal in order to try to score

tirar, disparar, chutar
He shot from just outside the penalty box.

to kill (game birds etc) for sport.

shoot system noun

(biology) the parts of a flowering plant that are visible above the ground such as the stems, leaves, buds, and flowers.

shoot down phrasal verb

to hit (a plane) with eg a shell and cause it to crash

derribar, abatir
They shot down one of the enemy planes.
shoot rapids

to pass through rapids (in a canoe).

salvar/atravesar rápidos
shoot up phrasal verb

to grow or increase rapidly

Prices have shot up.

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