Übersetzung von “simple” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /ˈsɪm·pl/ us /ˈsɪm·pəl/

A2 not difficult to do or to understand

It’s very simple to use.

B1 not complicated

simple, sencillo
a simple life
a simple dress (= without decoration)

used to describe the one important fact, truth, etc.

sencillo, único
We didn’t go swimming for the simple reason that the water was too cold.

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adjective /ˈsimpl/

not difficult; easy

sencillo, fácil, simple
a simple task.

not complicated or involved

sencillo, fácil, simple
The matter is not as simple as you think.

not fancy or unusual; plain

simple, sencillo
a simple dress/design
He leads a very simple life.

pure; mere

puro, mero
the simple truth.

trusting and easily cheated

ingenuo, cándido
She is too simple to see through his lies.

weak in the mind; not very intelligent

simple, tonto
I’m afraid he’s a bit simple, but he’s good with animals.
simpleton /-tən/ noun

a foolish person.

inocentón, simplón
simplicity /simˈplisəti/ noun

the state of being simple

The beauty of this idea is its simplicity
He answered with a child’s simplicity.
simplification noun

the process of making simpler

Any simplification of the process can only be a good thing.

something made simpler; a simpler form

The Americans have made some simplifications in English spelling.
simplified adjective

made less difficult or complicated

simplified language/tasks.
simplify /-plifai/ verb

to make simpler

Can you simplify your language a little?
simplistic /simˈplistik/ adjective

(disapproving) treating something as if it is less difficult or complicated that it really is

I think this is a rather simplistic approach to such a complex issue.
simplistically /simˈplistikli/ adverb

simply adverb


I do it simply for the money.


absolutamente, simplemente
Alison’s wedding dress is simply beautiful.

in a simple manner

con sencillez
She was always very simply dressed.
simple-minded adjective

of low intelligence; stupid.

simple-mindedness noun


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