Übersetzung von “sink” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /sɪŋk/ us /sɪŋk/ past tense sank, past participle sunk

B1 to go down or make something go down under the surface of water and not come back up

The Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg.

B1 to go down, or make something go down, into something soft

hundir, dejar(se) caer, arrellanarse
My feet keep sinking into the sand.
noun uk /sɪŋk/ us /sɪŋk/

A2 a bowl that is fixed to the wall in a kitchen or bathroom that you wash dishes, your hands, etc. in

fregadero, pila

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verb /siŋk/ (past tense sank /saŋk/, past participle sunk /saŋk/)

to (cause to) go down below the surface of water etc

hundir(se), irse a pique
The ship sank in deep water.

to go down or become lower (slowly)

ponerse, bajar, descender
The sun sank slowly behind the hills
Her voice sank to a whisper.

to (cause to) go deeply (into something)

penetrar, clavar, hundir, hincar
The ink sank into the paper
He sank his teeth into an apple.

(of one’s spirits etc) to become depressed or less hopeful

hundirse, venirse abajo, desanimarse
My heart sinks when I think of the difficulties ahead.

to invest (money)

He sank all his savings in the business.
sunken adjective

sunk under water

hundido, sumergido
a sunken ship.

below the level of the surrounding area

a un nivel más bajo
a sunken garden.
be sunk

to be defeated, in a hopeless position etc

estar perdido
If he finds out that we’ve been disobeying him, we’re sunk.
sink in phrasal verb

to be fully understood

asimilar, ser comprendido
The news took a long time to sink in.

to be absorbed

penetrar, ser absorbido
The surface water on the paths will soon sink in.

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