Übersetzung von “smell” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /smel/ us /smel/ past tense and past participle UK/US smelled, UK smelt

B1 to have a particular quality that people notice by using their nose

That soup smells delicious – what’s in it?
This coffee smells like soap.

B1 to notice something by using your nose

I think I can smell something burning.

B1 to have a bad smell

Your running shoes really smell!

to have the ability to notice or discover that a substance is present by using your nose

Humans can’t smell as well as dogs can.
noun uk /smel/ us /smel/

B1 the quality something has that you notice by using your nose

The smell of roses filled the room.

[ no plural ] the ability to notice smells

Smoking can affect your sense of smell.

a bad smell

I wish I could get rid of that smell in the bathroom.

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noun /smel/

the sense or power of being aware of things through one’s nose

My sister never had a good sense of smell.

the quality that is noticed by using this power

a pleasant smell
There’s a strong smell of gas.

an act of using this power

olfateo, olfacción
Have a smell of this!
-smelling suffix

having a (particular kind of) smell

con olor a (…)
a nasty-smelling liquid
sweet-smelling roses.
smelly adjective (comparative smellier, superlative smelliest)

having a bad smell

maloliente, apestoso
smelly fish.
smelliness noun

mal olor, hedor
the smelliness of the cheese.
smell out phrasal verb

to find (as if) by smelling

We buried the dog’s bone, but he smelt it out again.

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