Übersetzung von “smoke” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun [ no plural ] uk /sməʊk/ us /smoʊk/

B1 the grey or black gas that is made when something burns

verb uk /sməʊk/ us /smoʊk/ present participle smoking, past tense and past participle smoked

A1 to breathe smoke into your mouth from a cigarette

Do you mind if I smoke?

to make or send out smoke

echar humo
smoking chimneys

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noun, noun /sməuk/

the cloudlike gases and particles of soot given off by something which is burning

Smoke was coming out of the chimney
He puffed cigarette smoke into my face.

an act of smoking (a cigarette etc)

cigarrillo, acción de fumar
I came outside for a smoke.
smoked adjective

treated with smoke

smoked cheese.
smokeless adjective

allowing no smoke

libre de humos
Our part of the town is a smokeless zone.

burning without smoke

sin humo
smokeless fuel.
smoker noun

a person who smokes cigarettes etc

When did you become a smoker?
He’s a pipe-smoker.
smoking noun

the habit of smoking cigarettes etc

He has given up cigarette-smoking at last
Smoking damages your health.
smoky adjective (comparative smokier, superlative smokiest)

filled with, or giving out (too much) smoke

lleno/cargado de humo
The atmosphere in the room was thick and smoky.

like smoke in appearance etc.


smoke detector noun

a device in a building which sounds a fire alarm when smoke passes through it

detector de humo
Smoke from the kitchen set the smoke detector off.
smokescreen noun

a cloud of smoke used to conceal the movements of troops etc.

cortina de humo

something intended to conceal one’s activities etc

cortina de humo
The announcement was intended as a smokescreen to distract people from what was really going on.
go up in smoke

to be completely destroyed by fire

hacerse humo/cenizas, ser consumido por las llamas
The whole house went up in smoke.

to vanish very quickly leaving nothing behind

esfumarse, fracasar, venir abajo, malograrse
All his plans have gone up in smoke.

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