Übersetzung von “some” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


pronoun, determiner uk strong /sʌm/ us /sʌm/ weak /səm/ us /sʌm/

A1 used to mean an amount or number of something without saying exactly how much or how many

algo de, algunos, -as
You’ll need a pair of scissors and some glue.
I can’t eat all of these apples – would you like some?
Could I have some more paper, please?

A1 used to mean a part of a larger amount or number of something and not all of it

algunos, -as
Some people don’t eat meat.
Some of the children were frightened.

a large amount or number of something

It will be some time before I see you again.

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pronoun, adjective /sam/

an indefinite amount or number (of)

algún, algo, cierto, unos, algunos, ciertos
I can see some people walking across the field
You’ll need some money if you’re going shopping
Some of the ink was spilt on the desk.

(said with emphasis) a certain, or small, amount or number (of)

’Has she any experience of the work?’ ’Yes, she has some.’
Some people like the idea and some don’t.

(said with emphasis) at least one / a few / a bit (of)

un poco, unos pocos
Surely there are some people who agree with me?
I don’t need much rest from work, but I must have some.


He’s quite kind in some ways.
somebody pronoun


There’s somebody on the phone asking for you.
someday adverb

(also some day) at an unknown time in the future

algún día
We’ll manage it someday.
somehow adverb

in some way not known for certain

de algún modo, de alguna manera, de una u otra manera
I’ll get there somehow.
someone pronoun

an unknown or unnamed person

There’s someone at the door – would you answer it?
We all know someone who needs help.

a person of importance

He thinks he is someone.
something pronoun

a thing not known or not stated

Would you like something to eat?
I’ve got something to tell you.

a thing of importance

algo importante
There’s something in what you say.
sometime adverb

at an unknown time in the future or the past

en alguna ocasión, en algún momento
We’ll go there sometime next week
They went sometime last month.
sometimes adverb


a veces
He sometimes goes to America
He goes to America sometimes
Sometimes he seems very forgetful.
somewhat adverb

rather; a little

algo, un tanto
He is somewhat sad
The news puzzled me somewhat.
somewhere adverb

(American someplace) (in or to) some place not known or not named

en algún lugar
They live somewhere in London
I won’t be at home tonight – I’m going somewhere for dinner.
mean something

to have meaning; to be significant

tener significado, significar algo
Do all these figures mean something?
or something

used when the speaker is uncertain or being vague

o algo así, o algo por el estilo
Her name is Mary or Margaret or something.
something like


algo así como, cerca de
We have something like five hundred people working here.

rather like

A zebra is something like a horse with stripes.
something tells me

I have reason to believe; I suspect

algo me dice que…
Something tells me she’s lying.

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