Übersetzung von “sort” — Englisch–Spanisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /sɔːt/ us /sɔrt/

A2 a type of something

clase, tipo
We both like the same sort of music.
What sort of job do you want?
all sorts of

A2 many different types of something

todo tipo de
that sort of thing

B1 used to show that what you have just said is only an example from a larger group of things

ese tipo de cosas
They sell souvenirs, postcards – that sort of thing.
He likes sketching, painting – that sort of thing.
sort of

used to describe something approximately

The sweater is a sort of pale blue colour.
verb uk /sɔːt/ us /sɔrt/

to put things into different groups or types or into an order

The names are sorted alphabetically.

Phrasal Verb(s)

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noun /soːt/

a class, type or kind

clase, tipo, género
I like all sorts of books
She was wearing a sort of crown.
sorter noun

a person or machine that separates and arranges, especially letters, postcards etc

He works as a parcel sorter for teh post office.
of a sort / of sorts

of a (usually poor) kind

una especie de
She threw together a meal of sorts, but we were still hungry afterwards.
out of sorts adjective

slightly unwell

I felt a bit out of sorts after last night’s heavy meal.

not in good spirits or temper

de mal humor
He’s been a little out of sorts since they told him to stay at home.
sort of

rather; in a way; to a certain extent

en cierto modo
He was sort of peculiar!
I feel sort of worried about him.
sort out phrasal verb

to separate (one lot or type of) things from a general mixture

I’ll try to sort out some books that he might like.

to correct, improve, solve etc

arreglar, solucionar
You must sort out your business affairs.

to attend to, usually by punishing or reprimanding

meter en vereda, meter en cintura
I’ll soon sort you out, you evil little man!

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